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Bone Lake, located in Georgetown and Bone Lake Towns, Polk County, Wisconsin, is a 1781-acre lake with 12.5 miles of shoreline and more than 500 private lots. The mean depth is 20 feet, with a maximum depth of 43 feet.

Bone Lake is a quality Wisconsin fishery with musky minimum length limit of 50 inches. Other species present include crappie, perch, bluegill, large mouth bass and northern pike. Smallmouth bass have recently been stocked. Public boat launches are located at the north and south ends of the lakes. Luck Lions Club manages the beautiful Bone Lake Point Park at the north end with a public boat landing, fishing pier, picnic pavilions, and toilets.


Fall 2013 Newsletter
Spring 2013 Newsletter

Fall 2012 Newsletter
Spring 2012 Newsletter

Bone Lake APM Plan 2013

Bone Lake 2014 APM Permit Application PDF

Bone Lake 2014 Aquatic Plant Management Notice PDF

Bone Lake 2012 Frog Survey
Complete frog survey and data sheets PDF

Bone Lake 2011 Bird Survey
Complete bird survey and data sheets PDF

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Bone Lake Property Owner Survey Results
Results and recommendations from the 2013 Property Owner Survey:

Bone Lake Survey results: Responses to each question, including remarks by respondents.

Bone Lake Survey Summary: Responses compiled with tables and graphs.

Bone Lake Survey recommendations: Recommendations for Bone Lake Management District action.

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Aquatic Plant Management
Herbicide Treatment of Potamogeton crispus (Curly Leaf Pondweed) Analysis 2013
Electric Shock Drowning Explained (Download pdf)

Please observe these Wisconsin boating safety regulations:
All Watercraft: No wake within 100 feet of any shoreline.
Personal watercraft: No wake within 200 feet of any shoreline.