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What you can do to improve Bone Lake's water clarity



Bone Lake Management Plan

Waterfront Runoff Committee

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10x35 native Plantings
The 10X30 Native Planting Program provides Bone Lake property owners support to establish small zones of native plants on their waterfront. Native plants stabilize shorelines, provide a home for birds and butterflies, and add natural beauty to your waterfront property! Up to 70% of the cost of the planting (not to exceed $400) is provided after the planting is completed.

Learn more about 10X35 plantings

Waterfront Runoff Committee Goal    Black eyed Susan Rudbeckia
Improve Bone Lake water clarity by 20% by year 2020 (in conjunction with Evaluation and Studies and Cropfield/Watershed committees)

Achieve an in-lake average summer phosphorus concentration of 30 ppb or less.
Reduce watershed loading by 25% or more.
Reduce loading from urban sources by lowering runoff from 25% of residential lots by 50%.

Committee Members
Alex Chorewycz, Chair,
Mary chorewycz,recorder,
Richard Mackie, Cris Dueholm, Dave Smith, Phil Foster
Cheryl Clemens consultant


The major activities to achieve this reduction from come from the following.

1. Property owners can request a free, no obligation site evaluation by Cheryl Clemens, our consultant, who will provide ideas to assist owners on ways to reduce runoff into the lake, thereby improving Bone Lake’s water clarity.
2.  Reduce the impact from septic systems that do not meet zoning requirements.  This will be accomplished with education, greater awareness and offering assistance.
3. Provide educational materials via mailings, e-mail or other web based means, as well as personal communications with owners at social events, or other events to ensure that property owners are kept informed of the various options that may be available to help mitigate runoff into the lake.

Cost sharing, with 50-70% of the cost coming from the DNR grant or the Lake District, is available for installation of qualifying projects.

For the site visits, we are especially interested in visiting properties that have at least a moderate slope to the lake.

Nearly 300 lake properties have been identified that have either a significant slope (high impact probability) and/or moderate slope (medium impact probability). These properties are the focus of mailings and follow-up calls to inform owners of the availability of the no obligation site visit.